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I call this photo Full Circle because, for me, this was the completion of a process that began seven years ago.


Seeing the total solar eclipse in 2017 was eye-opening… and, for lack of a better phrase, life changing. I went to Missouri with my mom and college friend, chasing the sun through a window in the clouds.


We eventually made it and from then on, I began planning for 2024 even though I didn’t know where I would be in life or what would be possible. After I began pursuing photography more seriously in 2021, this was always something I had in the back of my mind. The sun and the moon would be there, but where would I be?


Fast forward to the present and my plans really only began forming within the past year. I had time off from work, selected Amistad National Recreation Area as my site, and all the gear necessary for a great shot. It turned out there was one thing I needed that I could not pack: luck.


After months of planning, two days of driving, and 1,200 miles of road put behind me, all that work hinged on pure chance – whether or not a heavy blanket of clouds would break. I couldn't help but be reminded of my mom and my friend.


Totality came obscured by clouds. And just when I thought all was lost, the clouds seemingly melted away and I got to experience one of the most incredible sights to behold.


I only got this view of totality for about 20 seconds, but those precious few moments - possible only through chance - made all the other planning, time, and cost absolutely worth it.

Full Circle

  • Print: 9" x 14"

    Included mat: 12" x 18"

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